A crochet cacti bonanza

Whether or not you’re new to crochet, these cacti patterns will thrill you. It gives you the opportunity to create something truly amazing while learning new stitches and fine-tuning your skills.

My inspiration for making a crochet cacti display followed my over-zealous nurturing of my beautifully and well planned out display. I had to admit defeat. Whilst I did not have green fingers, I did have nimble fingers and an imagination to play and experiment with stitches and yarn to make the hardest variety of cacti known to women.

The nature of cactus intrigues me, the shapes, colours and textures. Some sharp, some standing tall, some sprawling out far and wide, while others, seemingly soft and delicate. True survivors of the plant species, growing and thriving in the harshest conditions on earth (though not my heavy handed approach to plant care it seems!).

I use different stitches and methods of construction with each design to accentuate each cacti's unique characteristics and charm.

Working in circles and rows, creating spirals, ridges and bumps using the medium of yarn, this has been an intriguing journey of discovery in colour and texture.

I hope you enjoy making your cactus and find novel ways in which to display your creations (in a wooden planter, individual pots, baskets, etc).

My main reason for wanting to make a cactus display was due to my own inability to keep my cactus and succulents alive. Displayed beautifully in the same planter that my equally beautiful crochet cactus creations now proudly sit.

Click here for the free rabbit ear crochet pattern. If you haven't already you will be prompted to register allowing access.

Once you get a taste for crocheting cacti then you can find many more cacti crochet patterns in my 18-page PDF crochet cacti book. Below is a screenshot of some of the cacti.

It is written in step-by-step instructions with supporting images to help you along, giving details on construction and possible display options. It has a separate flowers section so you can customise each of your cacti and design new hybrids. You're not limited by the laws of nature after all.

Whilst they took many hours designing and puzzling out to create, they will now last a lifetime for me to enjoy and add to as I see fit.

Do yourself a favour and give this a go. You'll love it. DO NOT WATER!!!

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