Ami without the Arrrrghhhh

Love Amigurumi but can't get to grips with the technique.

I have solution and promise that you will be able to make cute critters with my new concept.

You can make and construct a cute cuddly by working in simple sc rows. I'm so confident in my technique that I would say even beginners to crochet will soon be making wonderful makes that previously were beyond their skill set.

The patterns are simple but so effective that even you advanced crochet folk will want to make them.

We are going to introduce my series of patterns with a 7 day challenge for beginners, don't worry seasoned crochet you can join in to if you wish and just skip the introductory basic skills tutorials.

I'm so excited for you all to get involved.

Watch this space for the new and unique......

.....Ami without the grrrumi

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