Crochet Along (CAL)

Our first crochet challenge is almost upon us. Date to be confirmed by the end of this week.

Our first challenge/crochet along is aimed at beginners and if you join our crochet challenge page then you will have access to our videos which will be loaded over the seven days.

Seven Day crochet challenge, a Star is born

At the end of the seven days in which you will cover how to hold the yarn and hook, how to chain and how to do the first basic stitch of crochet, followed by increasing and decreasing you will then be ready to make your star.

It is important to practice each day so that you don't forget a stage, its all about muscle memory in the early days.

Once you have made your star you can then access my other Ami without the grrrumi patterns which I will start to make avaliable after the seven day challenge

Just three of the exciting new patterns in my Ami without the grrrumi range coming soon.

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