Crochet hexipuff tutorial

My favourite part of crochet is when I plan a new pattern. It can of course be quite a testing time, when your vision doesn't quite turn out how you imagined.

Fortunately with perseverance and patience things often work out in the end. An old saying 'There is no such thing as can't' springs to mind.

Planning takes many hours of doing, redoing, fine-tuning and most importantly, convincing yourself that you have not wasted a whole evening - that in fact the tumble of yarn at your feet tells a tale of lessons learnt and steps forward.

It's always nice to follow a popular pattern up with another using the same techniques that people had learnt. I felt I owed it to those who had taken the time to learn how to follow a hexipuff chart to come up with something equally as appealing.

The bar was set quite high and I needed to exceed that. My unicorn blanket had two motifs. I started to plan a Christmas theme and was over the moon that I managed to design seven themed motifs.

Final seven that made the cut to the final pattern

Working within a hexagon shape has its constraints, and whilst a design may look right on paper when plotted out, it doesn't always look quite right when made. Factor in the increase in each round and how these can throw out an image, the process can often be infuriating.

My unicorn blanket pattern is listed as advanced. You need to be confident in your puff stitch placement for each round and colour change whilst keeping to the chart.

This time round I provide a video tutorial below that will help those who want to give this blanket a try. It gives guidance on how to make a plain one-colour hexagon.

This video tutorial will show you exactly where your pim and pit (my abbreviations for puff in middle and puff in top) stitches will go.

I am confident that it will either enable you to make my Unicorn blanket or give you time to practice ahead of the release of my new Christmas design in June (date to be confirmed).

You can access the FREE written version of the plain one-colour hexagon via my Free patterns page.

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