Santa Hexagon motif sampler

If you are eager to give my Hexipuff Christmas tree skirt a go, but first want to see if its within your skill set, then give my Santa Hexagon sampler a go.

I would first try out a plain hexagon square which I have a YouTube tutorial for. This helps you to understand where your Pit and Pim stitches are placed, and gives you a good foundation for using the puff stitch in the round making a hexagon.

Below is the Santa sampler, its important to note that the chart has a centre grey dot, this dot is your magic circle in which you create your first 6 puff stitches.

The subsequent grey dots are the starting point of each round, these are all pit stitches.

The Yellow dots are the placement of the pit stitches of each round after your starting pit stitch.

You can use the chart or the written instructions to make your Santa motif.

Once you have successfully completed your Santa motif then why not head on over to my store to purchase the full pattern and make my Christmas tree skirt.

Please share your creation with me.

Happy Crocheting.

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