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Updated: Aug 4, 2019

I felt inspired to create a Christmas themed Hexipuff blanket

Due to how well my Unicorn Hexi puff blanket was received by you all, I thought I would try my luck and see if I could make a collection of Christmas themed Hexipuffs.

I have come up with 7 motifs in total as shown below, they include a Gingerbread man, Reindeer, Father Christmas, A Christmas tree, An Angel, a Robin and a snowflake. I love the vibrant colours that combine but also add to those traditional Christmasy colours.

Work in progress on new blanket

The fun thing about these motifs are that you can chose to use all of them or do a repeat pattern of a few with plain hexi's to space them out. Your blanket can be unique and individual to your requirements.

I'm not sure myself how I will lay mine all out to complete it, but that is half the fun.

The pattern will be available to purchase shortly so be sure to visit the shop tab to get your PDF sent direct to your email address upon purchase. You can print or just view onine, as always I am happy for you to sell items that you make from my designs. Please do do file share or claim my patterns as your own.

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