Try a hexipuff out

Before you delve into the wonderful world of Hexipuffs and Hexipuffs with motifs why not give my free tutorial a whirl.

It shows you step by step how and where to place your increases as you complete each round.

A plain one colour hexi to ease you into how they are made

Whilst this may not be drastically important when you do a plain hexipuff, when it comes to doing a hexipuff with a motif one wrong stitch will throw out the pattern.

So without putting you off or making you tear your hair out in frustration when it comes to the motifs please take some time to customise yourself with how the puff placement of increases are included.

My free helpful guide has written and photographic prompts for those who need visual and written methods to get you through a pattern.

You can download my free hexipuff pattern via my shop tab

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