A crochet star, the start of bright things to come for those just starting out on their crochet journey.


Take part in the seven day crochet challenge on the challenge page and get access to step by step tutorials for this pattern


This star pattern uses my newly developed technique which allows those who struggle with Amigurumi to be part of the cute critters creation club.


I have a range of patterns that allow you to make free standing animals and cuddlys without working in rounds. Watch this space as I start to develop them.


Worked in simple rows you will be able to make and sew together your creation, which makes a beautiful finished piece any Amigurumi enthusiast would be proud to have made.


Perfect for the beginner and fun and unique enough for the advanced crocheter.


If your taking part in our 7 day crochet challenge you will have access to the video tutorial to help you make your first Ami without the grrrumi.


Please do take your time to look through my growning video tutorials on you tube to learn the basics that you will need to start your star.

A star is born