Eloise the elephant is part of my Pretzal headz Amigurumi patterns. 


All my Pretzal headz patterns are made using a unique head-to-body-joining method. They are worked from the head down, with the limbs easily attached/sewn on after the body is made and stuffed.


This pattern is written in US terms and gives step-by-step instructions to each level of the pattern, along with a stitch abbreviation guide.


You will need a 2.5mm crochet hook. Images are shown when required to help you to understand the more challenging parts of the pattern.


The elephant pattern is one of the easier ones to start with and doesn't require too much added support and therefore does not include photo tutorials.


The final Elephant sits unaided and is approx 23 cm in height if you use the recommended yarn as suggested in the pattern.


You can however, use any yarn you choose when making your Amigurumi. I prefer using cotton yarn to give the creation a better shape over the long term. DK tends to stretch and warp in time. 


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Eloise Elephant