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Sadly it seemsI am not cut out for plant care, even if the label does say hardy and easy to care for; I managed to kill them.

My now empty wooden planter looked forlorn and made me feel guilty and lacking.

We all have our strenghts and I was always told I could turn my hands to anything by my Nan (though obviously not gardening). 

So I thought I would turn to my strengths and crochet myself a cactus display that I could never kill.

This pattern is now in my store here 

I'm so excited to share my latest pattern with you all.

An extensive project that I have worked on for some time.

My inspiration is from the beautiful display seen below that I arranged myself back in May 2019. A wonderful array of cactus and succulents found at a much loved flower market in Shoreditch. Truly spoilt for my birthday.